noitarenegeR Regeneration

There is something wonderful in destroying yourself.

In erasing a past which intrudes on every fibre of being,

to flush it

crush it

delight in its demise.


To see it gone.



from the embers of delight

squeeze a new you,

squeeze it out between the sludgy thighs of your once

crippled mind,

so infertile with pride 

so chained by the thing you created which consumed you.


Take revenge on the beast that thought it had you caged,

reign it,

re-chain it,

tame it.


Make it beautiful again,

wash it with your new found calm

teach it to know peace.


One day it too will require release

when it has rebelled on its master,

and grown wild.


But for now wallow in its youth

love it,

love yourself.


The chain will loosen

and when it does,

that glorious freedom will come again

You will float back to the surface of you




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Mon 22nd Aug 2016 02:48

And so, I'm re reading this..several months old..

I found it once and thought of the way the first half of it reflected the state of my life then..and now, I find that the other half-- beginning with "one day it too will require release"--is true beyond my original comprehension of the piece.

Brilliant work,


ps..I see that chains work both ways..

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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 10th Jan 2016 17:07


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Sun 10th Jan 2016 17:05

I like it, what is the average number of regeneration's in adult males. I am hoping for such an event to occur soon in my partner.

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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 10th Jan 2016 16:52

Thank you both.

Lady Denyse

Sun 10th Jan 2016 10:45

I may be wrong, but this sounds as if one is in the throes of an addiction? I liked the free-style rhythm of this and the conclusion of hope at the end.

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