A Child was born

Little boy was a thing of great beauty

In Utero of a horrific mind, 

imaginations fused together to bear his creation,

the brightest of living beings sculpting death.


What waste, what anti-human action

what futility to kill, to live, to protect and defend.

What genius possessed such once pure minds

to descend to a place where mathematics became death

not life?


His grotesque aborted birth, 

An umbilical intention parachuted from the victors cold metal belly.

The purpose of his life consumed by the act of his delivery

the end of innocence, of belief in restraint and the principles of fairness


And now in progress we regress.

To rusted knifes on bare strangled flesh,

to monuments raised in dust

to books burned.


For the advancement of mankind

We travel to distant stars,

our unspoken intent to escape the horrors we have made.


The core engines of our ships are modelled on little boy,

the birth of our destruction will carry us to new worlds

where we will live forever in peace.


The flaw in this beautiful plan

is the cargo magnificent future machines will stow.

Craft that will forge us thrusting to new beginnings,

bearing men in whose wondrous complex minds

lie the corrupted equations which determine death can bring life,

Which see beauty in the fusion of power.


All this from the minds of little men

who realised a dream in mathematics

and created a little boy

who changed the future


Of which we are the sum.



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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 10th Jan 2016 17:10

Not quite sure what that means Ray, but thank you.

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Sat 9th Jan 2016 21:44

A crack of hope through the gap of a door
ajar from a person cast off from afar
the pen is mightier than the sword
and humour remains
while festering abroad.


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