Chapter 7: A Walk Down Memory Lane

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I wake up to get dressed

Try to look my best for no one

To walk down these roads

Of unreachable dreams


Every street name reminds me

Of everything I failed to be

Why couldn't I be a Sliver Hawk

Instead I'm a Wild Hawk, falling from the sky


Maybe I should take a dive in the lilywood spring

But oh, how can I forget

I sink in water like a rock


Oh, Look here

It's the old playground from my childhood

The sight of the swing set

Brings back eye watering memories


When I was younger, I would swing as high as I could

Hoping that I could reach the Milky Way

But as I got older, the terrible truth was revealed

That I could never be as high as the stars


Suddenly, Someone appears next to me

It was that girl from the bus

Such a coincidence I guess

Or maybe it was just fate


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