Chapter 2: The Girl

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The smell of a new adventure is in the air

As the sun awakes from its slumber

I can't stay in this quiet room today

There’s a whole world to discover


My foot out the door

Time for me to break out

I’ve been living behind these four walls for too long


Every day I see people live their lives

While I’m sitting here inside my mind

But I'm tired of being in this room


I won’t be the silent girl that the world made me out to be

So today will be the day

When I break down these walls

And show the world who I am


But then I see something in the distance

Something astonishing

Like a radiant star at the edge of the galaxy.


As it came closer and closer

The bright light blinded my eyes

Like a candle burning at night.


And then I heard a sweet voice say

“Would you mind

If I sit next to you

And watch you smile”


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