If I was to meet E.T.

Welcome to my planet,

but certainly not my world.


How far have you travelled?

Come it's warm inside,

we can talk for awhile.

Did your journey take long?


Oh don't worry yourself,

for I have no scalpel.

So what's your planet called?

We call ours the Earth.

Do you name the stars?

Have you created your world?

Because our world is the world,



Look I hope that I don't ruin your visit,

but there's many a thing you should know.

I will be your microscope for your scrutiny,

but alas my slides will be dirty. Infected.


We have so many life forms, all different

and no two species the same.

Yes we were all congealed by amino acids

and minute molecular cells,

and out of all of our wonderfull creations,

there is a creature tall, existing with his alter ego.

Perhaps a joke of evolution.


He says that he's the ruler with his superiority,

above all other living things. He is man. Human. I.

And God is our father, but no one believes,

and Earth is our mother, we love her, kill her.


Now this human creature can think, you see,

maybe our creators biggest mistake -

though not always, but 9 out of 10 times,

we fault our real heritage and belonging here.


Did you know that we poison our seas?

We rape and burn our lands, collecting fuels,

and precious stones, all extracted with pain

yet we pillage the more.



WE can't even get on with each other,

all different colours and beliefs.

We kill and destroy each other at times,

with bombs and bullets, with venomous lust,

while we suckle mother’s bust.

Our air is oxygen, the stuff we breathe,

yet it's polluted from our lifestyles.


MONEY is our real GOD. Control and enterprise,

and how it grows like weeds after new rain.

Our governments flourish the more on it's crop,

"Today we'll have another war." Like yesterday.


Humans love to hurt their smaller companions,

we eat them, wear them, enslave them in captivity.

Fair do's we must eat. You must too?

What you’re vegetarian? Here have some water.


The Oriental man’s tastes are worse for this,

His delicacies are another man’s grimace.


To be black is athletic and strong,

Yet he's been the subject of foul manipulation.


You won't have heard our not - so innocent history.

What were your centuries like?


The Asian bring us Eastern delights,

compiled with his law of Karma and meditation.


Cousins in the Arab states can't be trusted,

According to other world powers.


Rivalled hands touch power on such a short fuse,

And some love to kill with his religious inspiration.


The Native American Indian,

Ah! you’re already familiar with him.


Aborigines, pygmies, bushmen and indigenous tribes,

that don’t abuse and kill unless they have to, in a world that feels like

domestos domestication.


Caucasian.  Pretender king.

His western influence overcomes the rest,

Capitalist states and greed for his royal blood.


As for the likes of you my friend,

well you’re not really welcome at all.

They'd only want your power and throne.

What can you give them? They'll take it all.


Each will bite the hand that feeds them,

when you offer it with sweet salvation.


Oh! your leaving. What so soon?

I didn't think that you'd stay long.

Come again won't you? Farewell.


©David Addington 1995


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