Chapter 14:Her

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How’ve you been? Can I stay here for a bit?

I thought we could sit here and talk for hours

About how we used to be so in love

And all of the things we were going to do.


I can feel you in my heart

It’s beating out of time

This love used to be our home

But it’s time for us to move on


It's been hard for me sleep

And my senses are not functioning right

But I'm getting through it

I know I can get through it


You were my smile

My laughter

Everything I cherished

Everything I ever wanted


Maybe if we just sat there together in silence

Talk about all the things that you didn’t want me to know

Like how you were dying on the inside

Maybe you would still be here


I still miss the way you made me smile

The way that you told me that you loved me and meant it

Other people said it

But they didn’t say it like you did.


I can't forget you

I’ll learn to breathe without you

And I will always remember who you were

If you can accept the person I am


I will sing our favorite songs

And find the strength to carry on

You know the words

So sing along for me baby

lovemoving on

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