Chapter 12:Her

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I never cared about my smile before.

But that changed when I met you

A wicked sensation went through my soul

And from there, Cupid began to work his magic


We’re just lovers from two different worlds now

I’m stuck down and you’re floating with the clouds

Could you send those honey butterflies to me?

Those honey butterflies that made me feel like I could fly


I still hope for the best I guess

There’s a pretty little picture that’s in my head

Of you and I cuddled up against an oak tree

Precious moments that we can never get back


Can we get our late night conversations back

Conversations that always ended so sweetly

But the closest things I can get to your voice

Are old recorded messages and homemade videos


Maybe I can learn to live with myself

As I yearn for the sweet days

When you used to climb up my window to get to my bed

Why can’t we get the things that hurt us so much

memories from past

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