Chapter 11: Ghost

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Walking past our old home

With heightened regret of suicide

I can’t stand the way that death feels

But I’m dying to feel alive again


Every street name reminds me of my past life

Of all of things the I failed to achieve

These anxious images control everything

Control my emotions to lose it all


My bent wings won’t let me fly

I’m sinking fast like a rock drowning under water

Oh, How silly of me to think that

I can be as high as the stars above


Babe, Can you hear me talking now?

Can you hear me screaming through the atmosphere

I don’t want to be here anymore

I want to live again, Oh God I want to live again.


Please don’t see me as a horrible monster

An invader hiding in your thoughts

Not the cold goosebumps you feel when you’re all alone

Just a ghost that can’t let go


I want to be in your room again

I want to be in your bed again

I want to be in your heart again

I want to be in your arms again


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