Chapter 10:Her

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We used to be something like superheros

People looked up to us like angels in sky

We were loved and cheered until the point

The point that we forgot to love ourselves


We collapsed to the power of our own passion

Casually crumbled into nothingness

Our relationship was in emergency but no one came to the rescue

And when it all came down, we only have ourselves to blame


Our love’s still breathing alive

I just don't know what to do with it now

I'm not strong enough for the both of us

I can’t feel blessed, when you feel so lost


I confess that I’m guilty about some things

Too bad you knew me when I wasn’t ready

I am no masterpiece

Isn't it strange that you still loved all of me


Maybe it will all work out like in those silly movies

Like you’re gonna come back and save me from the madness

But we both know that is just pure fiction

Am I slowly my mind?


So I will sing something sweet to get my by

Don’t worry love, I can go on for days

Without any food or sleep

I just don’t have to the courage that it takes to be real

passion and sadness

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