Chapter 9: Ghost

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Alone on a mellow playground

Away from my misery

A twilit night with a spark of moonlight

The world can wait a little while


I’ve been waiting for a shooting star

To make all my wishes come true

But the closest thing to a star around

Are these city lights.


The air is so cold tonight.

A chilling reminder of a lonely winter.

At least I have the moon to keep me company.

Well half of the moon is with me.


I see the timeline of my whole life

I admit that I'm not the person I used to be

Just a hopeless ghost wandering from place to place

Searching for  somewhere that I can call home


You can’t ignore the fact that you’re dead

Most of the time I pretend that I’m dreaming

If this is a dream, maybe you'll stay with me

Stay with me, please stay with me


If I could go back in time and wipe the slate clean

Come back as someone else

Deceive myself into thinking that I’m going to wake up from this

But this is reality, Not a silly fairy tale.

walking blues

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