Chapter 5: Ghost

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I stop by  your house today

And decide to hide under your bed

Keeping quiet and low

So you won’t know that I’m here


I made these visits a routine now

Because I just can’t let you go yet

Despite my best judgement

I can’t stop being in love with you


I can be something special

Something special in your room

Something that you can notice

Something that you can feel


I won’t utter a single word

I'll just hang around your room

I promise you I won’t annoy you

I just want you to feel me


I just can’t take my eyes off you

Everywhere you go

Everything you do

It’s the worst feeling


I sing a song to you while you’re sleeping

So I can reach you in your dreams

I want to get through to you

I need to get through to you


I’m gonna shut my mouth now

I’m causing too much noise

So sleep peacefully my love

I’ll never leave your side


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