Chapter 4:Her

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You’re everywhere I go

You’re in everything I see

Years have passed

And I still can’t forget your face


So I’ll sit around your grave

Having late night conversations you the way we used to

About all the things I wanted to say

About all the words that you could never hear


The loneliness isn’t too bad

Until I look inside my heart and I fall apart

Because the whole in my heart

Is right where your love fits perfectly


What do you want me to say?

That I’ll be okay? That I’m just fine ?

How is everything supposed to be okay

When I feel like I lost everything


You know my heart

Better than anyone on this planet

I gave you a part of me

That no one else can see


So I’ll talk all of words of our favorite songs

To make a melody to get me through the hard times

I hope it reaches you up in the heavens

Because I’m getting lonely down on Earth


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