Chapter 1: Ghost

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Now, I never been the type to like grand gestures

Foolish attempts to grasp your undivided attention

However, I promise you when this is all over

I’ll have your attention for all eternity


I have done a terrible, terrible thing, my love

A thing that will leave you completely breathless

That will leave your heart a tragic mess

But I promise you, this is for the best


I am flawed, fragile, and powerless

I am  the world’s best keep secret

I am God’s greatest mistake

And I must correct his error


Having long conversations myself

Because I only have me to keep giving myself company

It’s just me, myself, and I

As I’m preparing for the end of my existence


I need another taste of liquid poison

So I can drink down all of my fear

My body is going cold and numb

The end is approaching me soon.


Body and soul are being disconnected

While I hear a woman yell “please don’t go”

I start to take my last breath

As blood pours out of my mouth


The medics walk in my way

Or maybe they’re grim reapers in disguise

I hear 'em start to state,

"The time of death is 10:45."


◄ Decemeber Morning

Chapter 2:Her ►


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