The end of the chase

I'm a pure example of what happens
When you chase something that's not chasing back
Maybe I didn't get the hint

Maybe I didn't see the picture
That me and you were just a silly fairy tale of mine.

I should have kept my mouth closed
Hold these sweet words behind my tongue
Let the poison sink in
And let the words kill me from within.

But of course I didn't
I had to take a chance
Ignore all the risks
And look at the results.

You push yourself away from me
Erase from me from your thoughts and memories
Like a bad nightmare you're trying to forget.

I had good intentions but this is not what I expected
I didn't mean to hurt you like that

I didn't mean to wreck you like that

You're Irritated
From my stupid crush on you.

So now I'm on trial
Facing the judge and jury
For things I said
For things I never meant to say 

I can't even talk to you straight
Because if I say something wrong
You might take it as offensive
And throw me in jail.

I guess now I'm getting the hint
I guess now I can see the picture
That these feelings I've for you
Will never be a two way street.

Should have stopped long ago
Should have let it all go
None of this would have happen
And I wouldn't be writing this song.

I'm sorry for chasing you all these years
I'll pretend this never happen
I'll stop bothering you about this
This will be the end of a silly fairy tale.

rejectionunrequited love

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