I Met God

I had a vision! or i heard him..

I Met God

I met god
in the form of a urinal
told me he wasn't a DJ
nor did he spin vinyl
but when we made the connection
his tap into my system felt spinal
he spoke equolent, his words final:

"now keiron,
recently i haven't heard you pray
and tell me are you practicising to be good, ten times a day?"

I felt bewildered
and put this voice down to a hallucination
but this damn urinal wouldn't stop
speaking in this situation!

"now keiron,
how far from my flock you have fell
and if you keep it up
you're on yer way to hell"

I shouted blantely at the gutter
suddenly a tap on the shoulder
turned out to be a religious nutter..

So it turned out 
I didn't have a divine image of a being god
instead it turned out to be a member of society been slightly odd
so in this parting note
I'll say believe in what you want to see..
but if if i'm in the urinals- don't bother me!!

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