Chapter 18: Roses On Your Grave

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I'm standing on the string you left me 
Not holding on and not letting go 
I don't have a strong grip with my beaten hands 
So you spin me around until I lose my balance.

I'm so mesmerized by the way you make me feel 
Like a diamond that caught my eye 
Wrapped up in this web of yours 
The more I pull, the tighter it gets.

Why couldn't you cut the rope and just let me fall? 
Instead these thoughts are swirling around my mind 
The knots are holding everything I want to say 
But you refuse to untie and let them go.

Please let me go from your grasp 
I don't know how much longer I can last 
This rope you have around my throat 
Reminds me of this dark feeling. 

Now you left me in here
And I can't stand it 
I feel so lost without you.

I didn't get a chance to say sorry 
For all the things I said to you 
Please can you forgive me?

You were always a true person
What was I thinking?
It was so clear
That I was the one killing you.

Nothing is the same without you 
And I can't take it anymore 
This wasn't supposed to happen 
Everything is happening so fast.

Now I am standing over your grave 
Crying out your name 
But I know that you're not coming back.


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