Chapter 14: Nothing Lasts Forever

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I can't escape this black hole
Slipping back to my old ways 
Because bad habits die hard.

My insides are getting cold 
So guilty and lonely 
Time won't cover up 
These skin deep wounds.

A constant fight for self-control 
That I can never seem to win 
There is no fight left in me.

I can't look at myself in the mirror 
The sight is too painful to see 
I did something that makes me feel dirty 
Something so unforgivable.

This love we share is a forbidden one
My mistakes are too great
To have someone like you in my life.

The frown of regret overtakes my fake smile 
Falling on my face with these shaking knees 
So you can never see the thing is killing me.

Shutting it away 
Keeping it in me 
Will this cycle end?
I don't know how it began.


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