Chapter 1: She Looks Pretty In Pink But Better In Punk

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I was sitting on the wall at Homecoming 
Just counting down the time until the dance was over
Until something caught the corner of my eye.

A sweet little thing in a pretty pink dress 
Her glow like the moon at night 
And her hair smelled like rain on a sunny day.

Her eyes made contact with mine 
I felt my stomach turn into butterflies
Is this really happening?

Still frozen from her poisonous stare 
She walked up toward me and asked me for my name 
Stumbling words choked me up.

She giggled and smiled with a flare 
As I drifted into her baby blue eyes 
She stole my hand and kidnapped me to the dance floor .

Pulling me closer with her arms around my neck 
As our hips moved to the music
I never thought being shy could lead to great things.

Holding her tightly as the night went on 
Slow dancing in this wonderful paradise 
Her hair in my face, my soul in her hands 

It was obvious that I was in love 
She looked upon me with that poisonous stare 
Her face drawing closer to mine 
And her gentle lips pressed against my shy lips 
Never thought Homecoming would end like this


Chapter 2:The Dynamic Duo ►


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