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Perchance on a dying day

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The weak Sun's watering

of the sky,ebbs away.

Sparse fields surrender

to the Moons inlaying of night.

Crows,rooks noisily clamour

in a small wood.


a Fox! in all of his majesty!

steps out from the glistening

snow capped  maze of undergrowth.

Stops momentarily,statuesque.

Joy pounds in my heart!


He noses the air

gives my motionless presence a glance.

It would seem I pose no threat.

I am being allowed to share his gloamed kingdom.


And I think

how gifted I am

that I can participate in this collusion

between a wonderful moment in nature

and my immeasureable depths of adoration.

This joined together precious instance.



©  Patricia Wilde 2014 

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Sun 4th Jan 2015 19:42

I (Patricia)thank you so much ladies.M.C.I thank you also and again enjoyed your extended comments.Just to add,that my husband (he who doesn't need to be obeyed!)once diced with death on a motorway,in order to retrieve the unbelievably intact body of a dead fox,rather than allow him/her to be further 'disgraced'and respectfully buried him/her in a nearby field.Needless to say,it left us with a tear or two in our eyes.

Thank you all again.xx

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 3rd Jan 2015 18:07

The remains of a motorway fox on Christmas Day
was offset by the sight of a live one on my
return journey...nonchalantly crossing and returning between an overgrown roundabout and
nearside kerb, surviving the sparse late night
traffic in suburbia. We have our share of
town foxes which may account for the lack of
cats in the local public squares and gardens.
One mid-evening, while out cycling down a
nearby central side street I found myself
paced on the opposite pavement by one cheeky
beggar of that species. Here in London,
there are numerous foxy highways & hideaways
giving them access and refuge mere yards away
from human habitation. The downside is the
threat they pose via gardens and open doors to
the very young and vulnerable of any other species, occasionally making the media for that

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Rose Casserley

Sat 3rd Jan 2015 16:52

and may you(and I) Patricia,enjoy many more-(a)
'joined together precious instance/s'

Beautiful poem!x

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R.C Morose

Sat 3rd Jan 2015 05:15

Great Work!

Love R.C.

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