A heart as big as Syria - a tribute to Alan Henning

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A heart as big as Syria

It always seems to happen at this time
Must be the time zones across the world
I can’t sleep, I get up in the early hours
And someone has lost their life
A member of the Paparazzi
A soldier in Afghanistan or Iraq
This time an aid worker
A taxi driver in fact

He left his home at Christmas
Leaving family and friends behind
Not to worry, there’ll be others to celebrate
In a foreign land miles away
Children are in danger of losing their lives

A humble bloke from Salford
Friends from all walks of life
The Asian kids called uncle
Embarking on the longest drive
With a heart as big as Syria
And a look of hope in his eyes

Calls of mercy unanswered
His captors took his life
A savage act in some kind of war
Where no-one seems sure
What they’re fighting for

His memory will live on though
Remembered with love and pride
A shining star of what is decent and right
Like the messages they sent to his funeral
The Syrian kids will tell their kids
That’s uncle Alan, the man who saved our lives

Jeff Dawson December 2014

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Tommy Carroll

Wed 14th Jan 2015 12:02

...again, simple and well said. Tommy

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Martin Elder

Sun 28th Dec 2014 21:37

Nice one Jeff a fitting tribute to courageous and selfless man.

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