The Road We Travel

Once i heard tell of a road in the west

one that runs for many miles.
its full of twists,
of holes,
of hills.
Of sadness and of smiles.

a road that will challenge you,
that will kill you if you falter.
a road of love and loss,
and of branches that always alter.

this road is unending tranquility,
this road is unyelding strife.

in the west it has a name.
this road its name is life.


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Graham Sherwood

Tue 11th Nov 2014 11:24

Yes Rhys, I meant the latter!
Don't worry so much about revisiting work. I never do and I'm well known for not editing after I've published. Once I let them go they're gone.

regards again,


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Rhys Lawrie

Tue 11th Nov 2014 10:03

thanks graham. Im really pleased how it turned out, took me about 5 mins haha. i get the feeling after i re-read them in a years time ill regret not spending longer on it and change half of it haha.
still thanks all the same :)

LIFE ROAD is that a poem?
or do you mean the idea of a metaphoric road of life exists in most places?

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Graham Sherwood

Sun 9th Nov 2014 12:25

That sounds like LIFE ROAD, there's one like it in most places.
Great idea for a piece Perdition, well done and good to see you posting.

Blogs eh?



Preeti Sinha

Sun 9th Nov 2014 11:40

This is gorgeous! How beautifully you have captured the very essence of life!

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