Old biddies

get on my tits!

They clutter up

the buses in the

morning with their

crocodile handbags,

shopping trolleys

and walking sticks

with their snow white

brillo pad rinses,

(purple being

out of fashion)

and the stench

of cheap perfume.

The bus like

a geriatric ambulance

on a mercy mission

for pensions, bananas,

digestive biscuits,

bum paper and

talcum powder!



<Deleted User> (5625)

Fri 17th Apr 2009 05:16

thanks Francine but i supose most dick heads do!

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Fri 17th Apr 2009 00:27

This made me laugh!

Et de Gus... Oh! But I think he does... ; )

<Deleted User> (5625)

Thu 16th Apr 2009 19:21

thanks for your comments ladies apart from Gus
who doesn't know his tits from his arse!

<Deleted User> (5625)

Thu 16th Apr 2009 19:19

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clarissa mckone

Tue 14th Apr 2009 03:15

boy what a poem! Gus they do have a purple one and a pink too! I never could understand the color rinses. But I guess when Im an old lady, some one will think Im strange. I guess at that age we wont care.I like old people. They have a vision and wisdom of many years , that we will not have till almost dead.

<Deleted User> (5646)

Mon 13th Apr 2009 23:15

ha ha. I do see where Gus is coming from with his comment. The last bus i caught was full of labels, eg chavs and emo's. I wonder if they noticed my grey roots? hm.
Time before that was on the school run. Boy, what an experience that was.

' a geriatric ambulance on a mercy mission for pensions etc... brought a smile to my face.
Was the bus that old? :-)

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Gus Jonsson

Sun 12th Apr 2009 19:39

1. You don't have tits to get on.
2, When did you last catch a bus... a bus, I ask you.. hells teeth my last bus trip was a mystery.
3 It's blue rinses...don't you know anything about old and wrinkly fuckers.
Regards Gus

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