Sincerely Molly

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Please don't go, leaving me up here all alone in the cold
Please don't go, no blanket, no hugs because your too "old"
Please don't go, too busy, too good, not childish enough for me to hold
Please don't go, I need you, my mommy, my sunshine my gold
Please don't go, I'm lost now, without you alone and covered in mold

You loved me, you held me until college came
Your boyfriend, your lipstick, you just weren't the same
Our tea cups are empty and covered in dust 
Our plates are all shattered, you dropped true love to just be in lust

To party, to get drunk to be just like them
The little girl I once fell in love with has gone with the wind
But when you return, all shattered and cold
I'll be here in the cellar for you to hold

Your first friend, your "daughter", your doll and I'll give you a hug
I'll show you true friendship is not one to give up
Oh and we can share secrets, hug all night just like we did in the old days every single night.

Sincerely, Your Rag Doll Molly.




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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Mon 25th Aug 2014 17:50

very moving with lots of sad imagery.Keep writing Jadi.xx

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