Weirdly Racist

Weirdly Racist

Not another white nigger!
Was the statement thrown at me
by some un-evolved, knuckle dragging, pissed up mistake of humanity
in a Wetherspoons pub toilet
spreading his intellectual views
I glanced to witness my aggressor
and saw him pissing on his shoes.
I should take him more seriously I thought
after seeing what he'd done
please teach me sir all you have learned
misunderstanding headlines from the Sun. 

The type of guy with an
'I'm not usually racist...but' tattoo across his chest
ironically in thick black ink
behind his British Bulldog vest

© Matthew Nicholson 2014


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Matthew Nicholson

Sun 20th Jul 2014 01:07

Thanks Tommy I will.

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Tommy Carroll

Sat 19th Jul 2014 11:43

Mathew -hi :) why was the insult aimed in the first place? Keep it going Tommy ps I have read the comments and now know. :) tc

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 18th Jun 2014 12:05

From a performist point of view, I clearly see that the inherent 'ironies' would not be immediately absorbed with the quick passage of words and your personalized delivery. IMO, for page poetry it is the right length. Perhaps, for performance, your friends advocating a longer 'engagement' are also right, because listeners are slow to pick up subtlety.

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Matthew Nicholson

Tue 17th Jun 2014 07:56

Hello Daniel

The first line of the poem has been rattling around my head for years, since it was shouted at me. I used to have dreads which was clearly too much for the stranger in question.

I always wanted to write something on this interesting meeting, but until recently couldn't convey it effectively. It feels good to finally get it out of my system.

I performed it last week, in Halifax for the first time, but had to tweak it a little afterwards. I fully intend to add it to future sets. I enjoy the freedom of playing around with new pieces when performing.

Thanks for your comments.

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Matthew Nicholson

Tue 17th Jun 2014 07:36

I'm always open to suggestions and constructive feedback Cynthia. :)

While I do see your viewpoint (and agree in part) about the inclusion of 'ironically' I feel it flows better with it, than it would without it. It has been heavily edited many times thus far (several times since performing it for the first time last week)

I suppose it is a case of what feels right. Many of my poems change after writing them, when starting to perform them in front of others. Some things may not resonate as I had hoped and after performing it, further edits are then made.

I spent a lot of time contemplating adding to it, going through at least a few more verses, but decided I had said what I wanted to already. Adding anything else would be needlessly repeating myself for the sake of extending the poem. That said I have several friends who have expressed strongly that it is 'a bit too short' in their opinion.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Always appreciated.

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Ged the Poet

Tue 17th Jun 2014 00:32

A challenging topic many would avoid. I liked the unique way you captured this meeting and feel this poem would perform very well. I also found your sample poems great subjects and look forward to reading more of you work. Great stuff.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 16th Jun 2014 13:26

Hard-hitting in theme, and well-written too - an unbeatable combination. May I make a suggestion? Why not leave out the word 'ironically' and leave the reader to relish all the ironies clearly being skewered here?

Jeez - I sound like a barbeque!

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 15th Jun 2014 15:48

Racism is surely the biggest "ism" around these
days. It fits so many agendas and is now
being used as a response to those who fear the
effects of uncontrolled immigration into the UK.
An interesting historical analogy:
Slavery was never advantageous to ordinary UK
working people, only to the well-to-do, their
estates and business profits.
The same may be said about uncontrolled immigration nowadays - but who says so? That
would be jumped on as "racism".

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