Taking The Back Seat.

I look into your eye but their not the same colorful vibrant eyes I once knew. After years of being hurt, used, abused and cheated on, you're only a shadow of who you once were. No more do you trust guys, you've given up hope of all that is love and trust you come to me to vent to, to let your tears out. It seems you can't even trust me. I won't ever leave I will show you what real love is if given the chance. I want nothing more than to see your heart warming smile and laughter that I grew to know so well. I wish nothing more then to continue to hold you, that is why I keep my feelings inside for not to ruin what we have for what if your feelings are not the same as mine. I guess that'll be fine I enjoy being your friend the one you let it all out to. One day you'll see that I was meant for you all along. I can't believe it the day has come, I've built your confidence and self-esteem up once again. You realize you can trust again........Why? Why do you trust him though? He isn't any better then your previous Ex's.  The only difference is that he can Hide it better. I try to convince you of his evil ways but you brush them off not wanting to believe me for the fact of being hurt once again. I find myself just looking on as you lose your self-esteem once again. I see myself taking aback seat to these no good guys once again. 



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