Only Human


Dear you, whose face has scarce left my mind
over years. You that I want to meet by chance.
Intelligence tells you're no effort to find,
but calculation warns of a dangerous dance.

Great waves smashed the coast at Perranporth 
while in that tight room your waves washed my mouth.
Sweat broke in heat over sheets, the exhaust
emissions of contortion, and skin roused.

On a dark lane near The Pilot Boat
we joked of sexy strawberries.
Then, against that tree I held you afloat,
while Mercury sang '200 degrees'.

I want, just once, for you to be Louise
to embrace at a bus station and the others
that have filled the time between, to fade, 
so that we can be 'as if we were still lovers.'

◄ Salford Persephone

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<Deleted User> (12266)

Sun 18th May 2014 10:33

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Harry O'Neill

Fri 16th May 2014 22:16

Like the `stormy` second stanza (particularly that final `roused`)

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