By: Yvette Howie
I got home and I was alone
My thoughts whispered and America teemed
Across the street dreams tasted like ice cream
First dates ended in forever partners
My belly cried for food and love
I had no food or love
My phone forgot I existed
It laid dormant
Without so much as the soul of an earlier phone call
Games did not amuse me
Books opened and closed
Pen and paper mocked me
I heard cars zoom and hiss
And all the concrete sounds of jungle
The smell was summer sweet blossom
The late blooms graced me while even the shadows played freeze tag
Neighbors noises
Friends I couldn't feel
I came home to a sugary despair
mouth watered
shoulders relaxed
I strained internally
I fought against the noisy silence
Your stain on my neck
Your breath on my bed
The hum and drone tried to rock me
I was clear as a precise point
I came home alone

alonenessdark nights alonememoriesmenmusingNostalgiapoempoetrysensualthought


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