All Upon A Whistle Wind

Came there a moment still over still
All upon a whistle wind

Written on a Stingle stone
Beneath the ragged rooted singing tree

Fast held by coiling twisting bind

Entered he her body shackled
Entered her in mind a tangle

Lighted all the dream walk stairway

Down upon soft dancing moments
Down upon that whistle wind

Came there in that mystical knowing
Carried upon his black ravens wing

Came moments hallowed still over still
All beside the still deep water

A child born on a Stingle stone
Beneath the ragged rooted singing tree

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Gray Nicholls

Mon 20th Jan 2014 12:46

love the use of your last line, my friend andy n always recommends your stuff and i can see why here totally, this is vivid, powerful stuff that says a lot in a few lines.

Is their a typo on Entered he her body shackled' however?


<Deleted User> (11810)

Sat 18th Jan 2014 14:12

wonderfully subtle and tumbles off the tongue delightfully ty

<Deleted User> (6292)

Fri 17th Jan 2014 17:25

Hello John

It's so nice to hear from you . Your reference to my insistence on three..'cames' was for a feeling of emptiness, I was endeavouring to find atmosphere,echo and repetition in addition to a smouldering ravishing beneath the greenwood. Oooh ...whoops.. just felt the urge, the temptation to utilise yet another .....oh well it 'Came' and went.

Meanwhile John, I have no doubt you will keep up your good works...and look forward madly to seeing you soon.

lots of love and best wishes .

Augusta xx

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John Coopey

Fri 17th Jan 2014 16:34

There you are again, Augusta.
I was beginning to think you'd dried up.
Your inimitable implied sensuality floats subtly under the surface.
But "came" - three occasions? A little overdone, even for you?

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