Blame it on the Poor!!

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Blame the Poor!

You say you love this country
Then help it live and work
Because right from where I’m standing
It's going from bad to worse

You’ve spent the untold billions
Now you have to fill the void
But don’t worry about the fallout
Take it from the unemployed

You could try taxing all the companies
Who haven’t paid for years
But we know if you scratch their back
There’s a fair chance they’ll scratch yours

Food banks on the increase
But none in the corridors of power
Of course they won’t affect you
Sat in your ivory tower

So take a look around you
A generation without hope
Hardly a job in sight
Turning to alcohol and dope

Now you’ve made it to Whitehall
And your champagne style of life
Don’t worry about the rest of us,
The poor man and his wife

There’s no need to admit fault
Or lay it at your door
Just keep cutting all their benefits
nd blame it on the poor!

You forget it’s the common people
That made this country great
It’s time to break the barriers down
Before it gets too late!

Jeff Dawson January 2014

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Don Matthews

Tue 10th Dec 2019 21:50

Many of the earlier commenters I have never heard of again....interesting

To me, change will only come about with a mass people movement led by a strong leader to force Government to follow the wishes of the people. A la Martin Luther King days.

Us poets will not change a thing

Wax on lyrical Don.......

Tra la la la la
I like to write my verse
I know my verse wont change the world
Despite it getting worse

My verse I mean......

Oh... you mean the world?......


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Paul Sayer

Tue 10th Dec 2019 21:13

Some things never change do they?

Question not a statement.

YES things do change, given time and enough good men and woman.

Let the people know that THEY have the power to change things.

You, Me, him,,, her,,,,,, them,,, we are legion!

The Governments should really fear the people
The people should not fear their governments

A great time is a commin, a time of change and reformation.

YOU are the change you have been waiting for!

Great words here from Jeffarama.

Deserves a bump!


<Deleted User> (12885)

Mon 29th Sep 2014 09:02

nice one jeff, i love the direct approach. my kind of thing

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Tomás Ó Cárthaigh

Tue 29th Apr 2014 00:46

The rhymes and half rhymes work well, and the message speaks for itself! #solidarity

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Wed 15th Jan 2014 11:02

Point well-made. great stuff!

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Jeff Dawson

Mon 13th Jan 2014 21:13

Yes Tommy, sorry I forgot about what Mr Cameron said! And yes Laura I was never in any doubt! Thanx all for reading

Fitroy, yes we may have to wait but hopefully you are right!

Thanx Sue, MC, Andy, Cathy, Dave & Lynn for your comments :-)

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Tommy Carroll

Mon 13th Jan 2014 17:54

But Jeff surely you must know that we're all in it together- the Prime minister said so. Tommy

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Dave Bradley

Sun 12th Jan 2014 21:43

Nice one Jeff. With some honourable exceptions, the wealthy have increasingly been characterised by a predatory attitude towards the rest of society. The way that sections of the media blaze the odd benefit cheat across their pages, and hypocritically keep very quiet about the much larger problem of tax avoidance is sickening.

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Andy N

Sun 12th Jan 2014 18:52

both me and cathy love this m8. It says what both of us think towards certain people in power.

we will be sharing this on facebook shortly for defo on both our facebook pages and associated sites.

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Lynn Dye

Sat 11th Jan 2014 16:15

So well put, Jeff, and I agree with every word! (And then some...)

fitzroy herbert

Fri 10th Jan 2014 20:53

It's the same the whole world over
Ain't it all a bloody shame
It's the rich that gets the pleasure
And the poor that gets the blame.

Never a truer word spoken, Jeff. Angry enough for sure, but forceful? A rhyming quatrain keeps us close to song, from which poetry should never stray too far. Brecht had Kurt Weill to set his work to music...yet few barriers were broken down. It least not the ones Brecht had in mind. But in deep every system lie the seeds of its own destruction. We may have to wait some time for the young to heed your call...

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 10th Jan 2014 17:22

Tightly wrought and heartfelt.
I assume this is aimed at governments in total
as the basic problems still seem to evade their
ability to put them right.
A global world and the ability of big business
to up stakes and move when meeting taxation
beyond their comfort zone hardly helps.
Emerging nations lie in wait with eager eyes on their own chances...and this must affect
political decisions accordingly.

<Deleted User> (11782)

Fri 10th Jan 2014 14:07

How timely. Nice one Jeff.

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Laura Taylor

Fri 10th Jan 2014 10:34

I think you know my feelings on the content mate ;) Good one.

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