Your eyes said it all ...

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Your eyes said it all, there were no words

I had no excuse, I had no defence

A moment of madness, but still I knew


Knew I had wronged you, knew it was me

But still I was blameless, another’s fault

The other had tempted me, she was the one


You sat there crying, wringing your hands

Silence so full of feeling it cut me deep with

layers of our love slipping away in every tear drop


I tried to tell you it meant nothing at all

Told you it was just fun, and nothing else

Talking and talking, digging a hole


I was young and a fool and knew nothing at all

I lived for the moment and thought you would always

be there to pick up the pieces when I needed you to


You slapped me quite hard and I felt the pain

but I thought it was the most I really deserved

and you would forget and all would be fine


Now I know differently, a few years have passed

You are no longer mine, and of course never were

I owned just your love and that I just spurned

◄ Lost Child


<Deleted User>

Sat 14th Mar 2009 17:36

eyes do say it all :) love this poem

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Sat 14th Mar 2009 15:06

Sam this is a beautiful poem. I can really identify with this one. From both i and an ex girlfriends perspective. At least, that's what the romantic in me appeals too. Nice one!

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