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Santa baby!

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It was two seventee-een

when I saw this plastic quee-een

and the way she looked was like a dirty mare

so I quickly got shut of Patricia

when I saw Miss Santa there.


Her plazzy eyes glanced at me-ee

and I-I could see-ee

that before my nob got soft

we'd be in bed yip-pee-ee!

shes not got a big pvc brother-yaye!

but I hope a hole two to spare.


Well my appendage bloomed

when I got her in my room

and made her hold it while I drank wi-ine.


Then I tried through the ni-ight

but her knickers were too ti-ight

and before too long I fell asleep on her-her.

So I'll never kidnap another yummy looking dummy

even with her twin sister standing there.




Stef Wilde(of course!) ..................................all the best guys and gals!!

◄ An August day's surprise.

fuck off tick! and you,tock! ►


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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Wed 1st Jan 2014 17:23

Philip-cheers matey-yes you can take the bitch off my hands-and her twin sister Polythene Pam.Now go and have a a shhhmashin new year.xx

Lynn-I'll let you know-
-after the court case-haha!xx

Solar!! trust you
to let the out of the bag!!xx

All the best guys n gals and thanks again.xx

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Rose Casserley

Tue 31st Dec 2013 22:27

Come off it Stef-thats Patricia in disguise!.x

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Lynn Dye

Mon 30th Dec 2013 22:43

Ooh, you are naughty, Stef, but I like you! Hahaha. P.S.What does Patricia make of this poem (song)? LOL Lxx

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Sun 29th Dec 2013 00:38

all da best Tommy-danke n all that-;0)

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Tommy Carroll

Sun 29th Dec 2013 00:28

very particular indeed. :)

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