They treat me like im made out of glass. That im so fragile ready to break at any second. Yeah, I got cracks all over my body, but doesn’t mean if I take one more step that I will shatter. But the cracks somehow keep showing up and im freaking out cause I don’t want anyone to see. All I need them to think is that im strong and unbreakable. That nothing can take me down.


All I hear is you gotta be careful with her. Shes not stable enough to be on her own. Shes a danger to herself. I know her intentions. But guess what fuck you. Im still standing on my feet. You still see me around with a smile on my face. Im not a lost case

Im just so used to sewing myself back up. Refusing help pushing everyone away. I keep on thinking I can make it on my own. Trying not to end up wrong after ive lied to myself. I can do this, maybe for another month or so. Its not my greatest thing to do being broken and trying to push on through. No one knows my true intentions and my true thoughts. They all think they do but im acting like a maniac covering all my cracks. Putting on my new face. I don’t wanna be looked down on or people to feel bad for me just cause one day I feel bad. Then I have to smile all the time just so it shows im happy. I don’t need them talking and saying that im not stable enough at all. That it wont be long till my downfall.

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