What Ive Seen.

I kinda just wrote this out of no where, 

but I really like it ^^


Drown the first girl straight to the bottom, 
It could be worse. 
No remourse, 
You say it’s the work of god to cure the unpure, 
But youre creating a war, 
Yet you go and immolate another, 
Innocent soul, all to please your country and your god. 
You just do what youre told, even its inhumane. 
They’ve ingraved it in your brain, 
That everyone deserves to be slain. 

Youre teaching the world how to be monsters, 
That its okay to kill. 
That A gun isn’t a big deal. 
Thats its alright to shut off your own humanity. 
I dont understand peoples way of thinking. 
It seems as if this is a game? 
The hunters way of saying anyone is prey. 
Too many people are messed up in the head, 
not realizing how much of an infection they are to the world. 
They say its okay, 
to go into another sacred place they dont belong, 
and shoot those who even are standing thier ground. 
when another place comes into our country, 
Its a threat. 
Yet, it seems as if we are the ones who start things, 
that didnt need to in the first place. 
Making the world look bad. 
Making the people seem as if they have no shame. 

The gun to your head will NOT save you sir ►


<Deleted User> (11725)

Mon 16th Dec 2013 22:08

Thank you :3

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Rose Casserley

Sat 14th Dec 2013 10:47

my <o> <o>'s made my brain,appreciate this,
very much! x

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