White Winter

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With gusts of tumbling snow
White winter has long thrived
Colorful flowers no longer grow
And gardens have been deprived

Birds have flown to far away land
And greenery exists only in words
Ohh.. I miss the sparkling sun
And the chirping of morning birds

Lonely cold wind whispers in night
As autumn slowly turned into winter
Leafless trees stand alone like knights
While golden leaves lay on ground

Slowly snow shall cover them all up
With love and warmth of white quilt
As if nature wants them to sleep
Till spring brings along cheerful life...


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Harry O'Neill

Tue 17th Dec 2013 13:34

Liked the extra `O`in the `Ohh`and snow as a quilt.

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 6th Dec 2013 13:40

Absolutely right for the time of year. I am
a bit confused by the mix of plurality and tenses - this seems unnecessary.
Lonely cold wind whispers in night
As autumn slowly turned into winter...

Why not -
Lonely cold winds whisper at night
As autumn slowly turns into winter...

The overall effect is evocative and enjoyable. More please.

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Andy N

Thu 5th Dec 2013 12:40

enjoyed this, ankita - let's hope spring does arrive sooner rather than later this time judging by the way the weather is already heading where i am! lol

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