No newspapers for me -

yet I see the masses

drawn to them like

moths around a light bulb -

the chuck away

glitter and titter tabloids!

The broadsheet

mental masturbators treat!

Years ago they were useful -

fish and chips were wrapped

up in them and they hung on

string in square pieces

behind the toilet door!









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Alan Holdsworth

Wed 4th Mar 2009 13:27

Hello Steve, thanks for your comments, however,
I stopped buying newspapers many years ago
being an anti capitalist, they help to perpetuate
the system, having said that, the Sunday Times
is pretty objective and a good paper but most of
them i would'nt hang behind my toilet door!!

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Steve Regan

Wed 4th Mar 2009 11:30

Hi Alan, actually I'm a great fan of newspapers, but I enjoyed your poem. I too remember squares of newspaper hanging up on a string in the lavvy (in my case the Wigan Observer, usually). Only posh peoople had toilet rolls when I was young. But I think it's a shame newspapers are in decline. They are fact-checked, elegantly designed, portable, a permanent record if stored, full of rather good colour-writing and analysis, and there are no pop-ups. What's not to like?!

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