Fairy Tales

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When  sun  meets  the  endless horizon
Or sky beholds the shimmering rainbow
It  is  then  a  hidden  door is revealed
To  the   world   of  baffling mysteries
O' It is a  sweet  fairy tale  so read on
For the magic and mysteries it reveals

A  place  where  fairies  and  elves dwell
And ferocious dragons fly so high in sky
Where there is always a sparkling spring
And  flowers  blossom  all  through year
It is a fairy tale and nothing is impossible
So read on  for the enchantment it holds

A  place  where broken wing isn't a issue
'Cause you can fly so high without wings
A place that  holds myriad wishing wells
And river with  power of healing waters
It is a  fairy  tale with  mystic  meadows
So read  on  for the mysteries it  unfolds
But even  in  the land of fairies and elves

Struggle  exists  and dark magic prevails
Deep in the forest monstrous beast dwell
To challenge the king of his peaceful reign
It  is a  enchanting  fairy tale  so read on
For  the  defeat of dark  lord  is destined

Fairy dust will always find prince a way
A god fairy will bless you with her wand
And dark magic will never rule fairyland
No  matter how much  things  fall  apart
It is  a  beautiful  fairy  tale  so  read  on
'Cause  things  will  go right  in  the  end

Such are the fairy tales of my childhood
Beautiful stories in a far  far away land
So read on till the next fairy tale is revealed
'Cause my magical pen will write on......


fairy tale

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