Missing You..

Dear Una,  I remember everything like it were yesterday,
two little sisters, hand in hand, if only I could rewind and replay,
Remembering the times when we just had each other..
Searching around, asking people 'are you my Mother'?
Time went by when all we felt was fear and pain,
but this anger inside me I can no longer contain..
it's tearing me up from inside my soul..
Loosing you I am no longer whole..
We always talked about when we die ..
never in my life, did I think you would say goodbye!
But God, why take her first and not me?
leaving me here, waiting around, waiting for my time see?
I remember holding you when we would cry,
Protecting you from that evil guy..
even now I try and forgive him for what he did ..
God, Why... I was only a kid..
People tried to tell me how to live my life ..
Puppet strings attached.. Cut the strings.. where's the knife??
I've broken free from the shackles and control..
Trying to get on with my life, and repairing my soul.
I looked at you, as you lay in your casket..
I thought I was brave but I started to cry, I knew I couldn't do it..
I called out for help but nobodys there..
My heart aches, I can't breath, I need some air..
I try to sleep but memories are there in my head..
no one knows about our life, and it will be left unread..
The days, the nights, the life we had to endure..
but hush now baby .. no more no more!

blamedispairemotional painLosssister

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