No More Waiting..

Ive been patiently waiting around just for you to say hello..
Just show me a sign that YOU dont steep that low..
Day by day, Oh dear Lord three things I pray ..
That I see another day ..
That you show you care ..
and that you will be there..
But no stop dreaming child ... grow up..
Your mama said she would always be there! But I dont see her anywhere!
She said ' I love you Angie'
But now she makes me so d*mn angry ..
carrying on with her life.. dreaming of hope .. eternity.
But listen up, I cannot keep waiting ...
cos this thing will turn to hating...
You always said ' you are my daughter'
Now you making me feel like your stalker ..
Holding onto false hope.. what for????
coz I'm a dreamer and I trusted you more...
Its been weeks, months and now years..
where were you.. when my sister died? wiping my tears?
no you were carrying those fears!..
because I didnt turn out the way you wanted..
But instead you make me feel unwanted..
Like I was never even there..
You would just look into the air..
But I aint wasting no more time waiting on you..
the pain you caused me .. if only you knew ..
Mama, the last time I will say that word ..
Not that my words will be heard ..
I miss you ... but time has passed..
I thought this Mama would last ...


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