Back To The Future

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Summer in the Sun, its festival time again

Jigging up and down and back by ten

The girls are going to hear some sounds


Bents Park, South Shields is the venue

With Mcfly, Little Mix and support on the menu

Abi's mum will be doing the driving rounds


Taking a trip down Memory Lane with colours in their hair

They know they are with friends that care

Always there for each other on rebounds


Joe comes on stage with his Geordie mime

The girls are wide awake as they climb

to a dream state and emotional merry-go-rounds


Little Mix and The Luminites follow in cahoots

With wings and it hurts so good in quick pursuit

as the troop prepare for a trip over sandy grounds


And then there's Bradley et al dressed as smooth tramps

Singing Wanted and McFly covers as The Vamps

Rehashed by the girls in their school playgrounds


There's room on the third floor in Wonderland

Motion in (and near) the ocean from the fans

Tremendous value for twenty pounds


Oh what an afternoon, what a day, what a night

McFly and their songs shining so bright, feeling so right

Bethany, with glee in her voice, expounds


"Same time tomorrow, Rachey!!! Let's get down..."


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Harry O'Neill

Wed 28th Aug 2013 23:07

Nice little festival nostalgic.

I never experienced one of those festivals (age) but I get jealous seeing those huge crowds.

My son was married in South Shields (It was snowing!)

I like your rhyme-scheme.

....and thanks.

<Deleted User> (8730)

Wed 28th Aug 2013 09:59

I posted this poem in response to reading Harry O'Neill's "A 'Fatherly' Re-post" which is well worth a read.....

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