Life Changes

A mild Friday afternoon in Spring

Snow geese sailing on the wing

Lovers strolling along a river bank

with the joys of life to heed and thank


Nature suddenly decides to call the tune

God and science join an eerie interlude

A river's gentle current slowly swells

an atmosphere invaded by a siren's bells


A foreign place, a foreign land

The distant tide gets out of hand

Yet the locals do not scream and shout

Riveted by the unknown, they hang about


The water moves with frightening speed

Concrete bridges buckling under its greed

Gawpers finally awaken from their dreams

as the Tohoku Tsunami strikes in extremes


They rush impatiently for higher ground

Hand held technology capturing the profound

They appreciate the sights and sounds

as death and destruction does the rounds


Cars washed away by a dedicated geological force

Rivers of debris emitted from a powerful source

Trees and telegraph poles precariously lean

as empty houses move across the panoramic scene


With time the river within a river slows

as the local sky darkens and then glows

Enveloping the view like raging forest fires

Fukushima Nuclear Power Station critically perspires


Deadlier than the bowels of hell

The Tsunami's death toll has a story to tell

Radioactive iodine in Ocean and tap water

Human rod core removal invites disease and slaughter


Six thousand injuries, eighteen thousand deaths

The Japanese have seen nothing yet

They carry on through thick and thin

Not complaining at the mess they're in


Our country should not complain

We escape disaster and cringe over a little rain

They've faced nuclear bombs and violent wars

 and Tsunamis to settle fate's scores


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Harry O'Neill

Tue 27th Aug 2013 12:27

I like that `critically perspires`

(we often forget that Japan suffered two nuclear bombs.
Which says something about the confidence that a nuclear war would never happen again as it would be far too destructive to even contemplate)

Oh yeah?

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Mon 26th Aug 2013 21:26

Hi. I like this. It's both descriptive and informative.

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