Two Sides

I was standing on a street corner with a guitar in my hand,
She was standing on a street corner, though nothing had gone as planned.
I approached the stage; the crowd hadn’t heard my name
She picked herself out of the gutter I wonder who was to blame.
I thought it strange how now they sung back, they knew every word
She had been beaten up now her vision blurred.
I picked up a pen and signed to sing and play
She was somehow still stuck in the hospital waiting bay.
I heard the song now on every station, on every channel it played
She didn’t leave the hospital that’s where she remained.
I wonder if this counts a something good coming from a girl that passed away
She sleeps now under a tree at which we pray.
I wrote a melody a tale of a girl who would brighten your day
She would make you all smile in her own special way.
I gave this all to you so that you can say, I knew the girl, she isn’t lost she stayed
She has been remembered in those lyrics you say.


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