What could I be?

What could I be?
The blood pulse through your veins
the twisted beat that drives you insane

What could I be?
The compulsion, the need, the 4 in the morning,
days dawning, extra hour of this life to lead.

What could I be?
The adrenaline rush, of talking to that silent crush,
the sweaty palms, the hidden charms that only I see.

What Could I be?
The day to day the bland and grey, the conformity,
the normality of things always being this way.

What could I be?

The drive, the will to survive, the feeling
of cheating death this isn’t your last breath.

What could I be?

The future that comes too fast, the list that was never going
to be complete, should all our lives be so neat.

What could I be?

Standing on the stage, sounding out thoughts,
ideas to contemplate

I’ll pick which one for today, tomorrow I cannot say.
What will you be?

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