Cut of the deck

I was sat in airport with nothing to do,
Happened upon a deck of cards,
That led me to you.
Each one in the pack had a different face
Another dream: another journey: that I could chase.
I met a girl with a broken heart, who loved the number 7
Lost all my belongings due to number 11
There are many numbers
each with their different tale
Driven by fate, moved on by chance,
An interesting life full of song and dance.
Though because of these cards I spilt blood,
I went to places that no sane person should
On the day when I was almost at deaths door
I burnt the cards and began to live once more.
I took my own chances, a slave to my own whims
This is where a new tale did begin.
I traveled the world of my own volition
Not on some insane mission
I may have been broken hearted
But it was mine once more
There are many stories
Many new adventures
And many more tall tales
I could tell you them all now,
but it would take a lifetime
My favourite one, you know so well
for that is a tale together we will tell.

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