Sir Arrow Green

Thief  Stealer

incognito   as Hinderstoop 

old want woman,   a bag 

a charcoal  keeper

 bowstring  travelling

 line  counter ears  and Christophers


Sir Green claims to be a gentleman Tanner

claims to honeyrights from  Ox Hive

Merry Bee Men in Waggle ranks

around their Bee King

Society outside  Society



Sir Green  robbing Romance

 Drugged out of a white  sleep   locked drawn  in an overseas  cloister

-as the tale is told -  some  Nun from some obit ended  Royal house

gives her ring to someone


He has  that  Ring  and the Finger

sheeps tail  upon it


Wither skins

 Lordy Minstrel  Scarlett   hanging  for his maker   from wode wood  Oak

Lordy friar   down tips  Scarlett's   pointed toes

No Courtesy

Lute Caput


 Plowman Pater Noster   in the Pork

 Lick crack sauce   colour shifts  Saxon  Gospel  over ends 

unletters   in  kellish  twists of sow  et serpent


This  is a New Age

There is present cruelty  in   a Particlothed Jester

Here is the trick

Cut off your head 

Walk with your head

Do it well and Funny    a relic ahead abbey    will be history in this wild




 Marian wears  Meg's  wide Flag trousers

Meg wears  Marian's  Red blaine armour

 Another Jack deceives  as  Biggins   flap farmers wife  and her fist baby

To be churched and take all   the Silver




◄ Dauntless Dick Dark Dee Dee


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