Lost Child

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I never saw him grow up, I never watched him bloom

Taken away on the day of birth, I never knew his name!


I bought a cuddly rabbit and named him after me

Then left him by the bedside as a token of my love


A child born of a child, he didn’t stand a chance

Whisked away to a ‘better life’, I wonder where he is?


I know I could never have given him, all that he deserved

But did they tell him all about me, or even say my name?


Do you think he blames me still? Will he ever understand?

Will he ever come and find me or long to get in touch?


It seems just like a part of me is lost and far away

Like an itch that’s always bugging you that you never get to scratch


Is he blonde just like his mother, or with freckles just like me?

Is he good at maths and english or born to use his hands?


Does he ever walk and wander, at every passing face

‘Is that my missing father, the one who left me there?’


I scan the personal adverts, the ones who seek to find

‘Lost my loving daddy, who had to give me up’


Always hoping and believing my son will reappear

Searching out the person who longs to hold him tight


So if you are adopted and had a toy called Sam

You just may be the angel, I had and gave away


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