FAT LARRY'S CAFE Tucking into a full Monty down at Fat Larry's Cafe, streaky bacon, two fried eggs, sausage, black pudding, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes with fried bread and toast; when in burst the obese police charging me with a nutritional offence! Saying I was well over the calorie limit and the sausage had glutamine in it! They said they had evidence from the fruit and veg squad that I had been indulging in eating curries, chicken chow mein, fish and chips, salted nuts, crisps and pork pies! Appearing before Judges Lean and Mean who recommened a healthy routine with no lies; to stop me from flagging, bagging and sagging!


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<Deleted User> (5646)

Wed 11th Feb 2009 21:07

You just can't beat a good fry up.
Leave out the curry for me though :-)

Jack Spratt eat your heart out. ha ha.
Love Janet.x

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