Moment in Time

When I was two, I could never imagine being seven

Cleaning my own teeth, dressing myself

Sitting on a proper chair, eating real food

Being understood, and wearing proper pants


Then in a flash of life I was seven and reading

Asking questions all the time, with my nose running

Trying to catch a ball, eager to learn, to live, to laugh

Never really understanding but alive in every atom


Soon a teenager, the doubts begin, and the hibernation years

Shut in a cocoon of growth and change I wilt from life

Desperate, insecure and frightened eyes search the world

For meaning, companionship, and finally love


At twenty the butterfly emerges, wings still wet, but safe

Self assurance returns and I find my voice again

All is challenging and risks are taken, but life is lived

The person you become is the one you will always be


At twenty five well lets see…… I cannot wait!

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clarissa mckone

Tue 10th Feb 2009 02:32

Hi Sam, I enjoyed your poem, I think for many of us, if not all, have felt this same way. Very good poem!

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