Beyond The Gates Of Eden (For Wu)

 I feel abashed at something I’ve done wrong

and wish it didn’t involve another

for, thanks to my libido, my glib tongue

has made a married woman my lover.


Had I but known the dark guilt I’d foster

I’d have kept it stowed firmly in my pants

but neglect of what our act would cost her

led me to lead her on some merry dance


engineered by my base, priapic lust.

Now she is tormented by our deceit.

When I first thought to win over her trust

by not keeping these lowborn thoughts discreet


my will to woo her did become the cause

of much sadness. My gift to her? Remorse…

…and now I feel it too. Would that I’d paused

and taken a shower instead: discourse


of all desire, though innocent at first,

must needs breed such unwelcome abstractions;

flirtation revels in emotions cursed

by progressive, destructive reactions.


I never meant it to pan out this way;

it was first, foremost merely innocent

but I talked her ‘round just to hear her say

that she, too, felt the same wanton intent.


Now though she’s distressed by what we have done

so I can’t stress enough this dire warning:

should you too fancy some ‘innocent’ fun

keep it zipped and don’t – don’t! - spoil her morning.

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stella jones

Fri 26th Apr 2013 14:15

hmmm, sad content but the poem is structured very well I think.

I am tempted to say it takes two to tango so to speak, anyways if this is real life I hope you both sort things out. :)

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