The Wind Has Spoken

 The wind has spoken, and it says

that night will come within the hour;

its cloak will fold the end of days

back on itself, as though a flower


and send to sleep the weary world

with whispered words smoothed by its breeze

‘til morning’s yawn brings dawn unfurled

to paint a smile on next day’s frieze.


The wind has spoken; hear its song

resound within each fleeting thought

and guide through dreams and all along

each ventured wish your yearning bought


with moments earned from searching through

the trials of living on this earth

when minutes crawl and sully you

with taunts of undeserving worth.


The wind has spoken: it redeems

the palsied hours you spent in toil

by giving you, through sleep, sweet dreams

to start each day refreshed, unspoilt.

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stella jones

Tue 16th Apr 2013 21:35

Wow..cannot believe this has had no replies RM..loved it from start to finish...I think maybe you have been sent down the board a bit so I hope this bumps your poem back up..

Super work sir :)

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