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I don't know if

In time, you'll want to be mine.


Not mine, but associated,

Not mine, but loved by me,

Not mine, but kind of, sort of, maybe, mine,

Or not mine, but sleeping with me,

I guess I should've clarified what I meant by "mine",

Before I used the opening line;

I don't know if

In time, you'll want to be mine.


I don't know if

It's kisses you want, or words,

And then kisses,

And then touches,

And then, push me away again,

You never meant to lead me on,

But, open your legs anyway,

Then we're just talking dirty,

Then we're just talking.

Then we're just,

Not talking.

I don't know if

It's kisses you want, or words, or

What you want at all.


I don't know if

It's miraculous or despairing,

Or miraculous in a bad way,

Cause, I mean,

That's possible too right?

Dude came back from the dead

But hey he was a total tosser when he got there,


Miraculous in a bad way,

Despairing in the only way that matters,

The way that hurts the way love hurts sometimes,

The despair that knows what

A truly bad miracle this turned out to be.


I don't know if

In time, you'll want to be mine.

I don't know if

I've been kidding myself

In the same way that

You've been kidding me.

That you've been,

Fucking with me,

So I'm letting it go,


Letting it go,

Letting it go.

I know!

Next time you text me,

I just won't reply,

See how you like that!


Will reply,

Will reply

But leave it an hour,

Half an hour,


I will leave you wondering,


Sweating it out in confusion,

For ten whole minutes

You will feel the way I feel,

Every second of it a stab

Of pure, undiluted sensation,


You will stand in my shoes and stay there,

Be held there

Like a photograph.

You will not know if

In time, I will want to be yours,

Or if this

Spell you cast over me

This curse you cast over me

Got caught up somewhere in the space between

Your phone and mine,

In that

Ten whole minutes,

You will know me,

Or maybe

I will know you,

When you turn up on my doorstep,

"You gonna answer your damn texts or not woman?!"

I will know you,

I will know


In time,

You'll want,

To be mine.

◄ I've never written a love poem before.

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Alison Smiles

Fri 12th Apr 2013 13:52

Funny one to read, for some reason I'm musing over what it would sound like read with a woman's voice (and changing woman to man). I love the changes of meaning from talking to not talking and other lines like that throughout. Loved this one.

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